As the influence of information technology has steadily increased in almost every aspect of both the home and commercial environments, IT has been increasingly adopted for use in the educational sphere, as well. Teaching efficiency and learning effectiveness have significantly improved over the last several years through the use of modern IT technology and equipment. Educators have taken advantage of sophisticated Audio/Video applications to develop innovative teaching methods and creative learning tools that gain and keep the students’attention, and provide them with the joy of learning. A/V solutions have also allowed educational institutions to make more efficient use of their teaching resources, letting more students become educated at a lower cost per student.

To meet the needs of educational institutions – no matter how large or small. ATEN's flexible, integrated VanCryst™ product line can deliver the perfect A/V solution.







In order to deliver real time campus announcements, news, schedule information, lectures, etc. to its students, a University has set up multiple displays at several locations around the campus – enabling students on the go to keep up with the latest developments. Since the A/V content is centrally managed from a server room, and the displays are widely distributed throughout the campus, the University deployed the VanCryst™Media Distribution Solution to efficiently broadcast high quality, real time, A/V information to each destination. More Information


Tailored Products: VS1208T , VE170R/VE170RQ




Computer Education

With the increasing demand for workers with IT skills, schools have been setting up computer rooms and offering computing courses to their students. The usual practice is to have dozens of workstations for the students, and one workstation for the teacher. By integrating VanCryst™ video splitters and video switches into their installations, a single teacher could duplicate the teaching content to several students’desktop at the same time. More Information

Tailored Products: VS0116 , VS92A , VS201 ,  VS291




Tutorial Center

In order to deliver customized teaching content for display on monitors set up in several different classrooms, the center's administrators need to retrieve the content from the multiple servers they are stored on. They then have to send different content to different target destinations. To make sure everything is working smoothly, they need to monitor the servers as well as the content sent to the targets from their control room. The solution was to integrate the Media Distribution Solution, Video Splitters and a KVM switch, which let them stream the server content over an extended distance to the video displays in each of the target classrooms. More Information

Tailored Products: VS1504 , VB552 , VE200R , VS92A , CS1938





In addition to disseminating teaching materials, utilizing modern A/V technology can also improve the examination procedure. With the VanCryst™ VM0808T Media Matrix Solution, exam content retrieved from multiple servers can be delivered to specific displays situated in several different classrooms. The VM0808T's display extension capability allows the exam content severs to be kept safe and secure in the sever room and while the displays can be deployed up to 300 m awayMore Information

Tailored Products: VM0808T , VE500T/VE500R/VE500RQ , VE300T/VE300R/VE300RQVS92A