KM0532 & KA7230 & CN8000, luxury sports vehicles manufacturer


A world-renowned manufacturer of luxury sports vehicles uses an ATEN KVM Matrix solution in their Emission Control Centre.
The leading car manufacturer relies heavily on high-end analytical systems to ensure each vehicle is compliant with all export markets. Analytical servers monitor the emissions from each vehicle, breaking down the data to accurately record each vehicle and provide an individual report ...More Information



Media Distribution Solution, Automobile Company

MANUFACTURING2A leading automobile company has set up world-class manufacturing floor which is fully automated ensuring that there is minimal chance for error in the manufacturing processes. To increase work efficiency, they wish to monitor single PC which is having various test results from multiple wall mounted monitors at long distance ...More Information



KH2516A & CN8000 & CE100 & VS82 & VE022, Mining Company

MANUFACTURING3A leading European mining company is looking for a solution to consolidate remote monitoring and remote control methods for various types of analytical server. All servers need to be controlled via two operators and monitored on a 14 screen video wall in the control room with access over IP when requested by HQ in Stockholm, Sweden ...More Information

CE770 & VE170, Pulp and Paper Factory

MANUFACTURING4A factory in China needs to manage the progress of pulp processing in real time. The operators must be able to monitor the process at the factory site while all the servers are located away from the harsh manufacturing environment ...More Information



CN8000, LCD Panel Manufacturer

MANUFACTURING5L Company is one of the leading LCD panel companies, which has several plants across the world including manufacturing plants and module assembly plants. L Company is seeking for an Over-IP KVM solution to increase the productivity, manageability and safety ...More Information



VS481A, Production Line

MANUFACTURING6In recent years the popularity of tablet PC's has replaced the use of traditional desktop computers and laptops. S Company, a manufacturer of personal computers decided to launch a new line of Tablet PC's. To ensure quality, S Company conducts rigorous testing before delivering products to the market. With HDMI being the most popular audio and video interface, S company's new Tablet PC will allow users to use an HDMI interface via external dock ...More Information



KN4116 & KM0532, ODM Manufacturer

MANUFACTURING7Company W is a leading ODM manufacturer that designs and releases multiple product lines – PCs, NBs and Servers for several well-known brands. With the increasing number of servers housed in its server room, along with the operators needed to work on them, Company W is planning to build a new data center and adopt an efficient solution that allows multiple operators to manage up to 480 servers concurrently ...More Information