CC2000, KN4132, SN0108, An Binh Bank (ABBANK), Vietnam

BANKING1Currently ABBANK has one old and one new Data Centers installed in different locations. Administrators have to constantly move around within Data Centers to physically be present at each respective server. They also have to travel between Data Centers for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. To eliminate these problems, ABBANK was searching for a unified solution which is able to provide remote management functionality for all of their servers and network devices...More Information



VS1504 & VE200, Insurance Company

BANKING2An insurance company would like to set up LCD display in the lobby and meeting room to introduct their various insurance programs to their client ...More Information



KN4116/KH1516, China Life Insurance, Taiwan

BANKING3Clark Lin, the manager of the System Engineering Department at Chinalife, said: "For every enterprise, a merger represents an opportunity for a revamp of corporate thinking so it takes a long time for everything to come together. The company's IT operations can't be suspended for a long time or have two separate systems running parallel to each other So, we were tasked with the challenge of setting up an all-new data center within one month ...More Information



CE790, Bank Branch Office

BANKING4A bank purchased licensed software and installed them on 3 computers in one of their branch offices. However, they want to provide clients with 7 consoles that can simultaneously access all the resources ...More Information