VM1600, VS174, VE600A, CS1768, Training Facility, Korea

GOVERNMENT1A training organization in Korea provides various training courses and education development programs for the Navy. However, the training room in the military base is too old to accommodate their current training needs. Therefore, the organization wants to renew their training facilities and look for innovative A/V installation solutions to improve their training efficiency...More Information



MDS, Police Office, Malaysia

GOVERNMENT2At a police department in Malaysia, officers gather for regular meetings to discuss local security, intelligence, and government guidelines to solve problems and formulate strategies...More Information



HDMI Matrix Switch, PETROVIETNAM, Vietnam

GOVERNMENT3Petrovietnam built a large conference room for holding annual shareholder meetings. For real-time monitoring and management of the meetings, all video sources for conferencing, presentations, and surveillance are centrally managed in a control room...More Information



KN2140v, KA7170, Changwon City Government, Korea

GOVERNMENT4The Changwon City Government Data Center consists of various rack mounted multi-platform servers; and each server rack is installed with an 8/16 port KVM switch with LCD console. To increase overall work efficiency, the Changwon City Government needed a complete KVM over-IP solution with security to effectively achieve their data center management goals ...More Information



Media Distribution Solution, Passport Office

GOVERNMENT5To provide efficient customer service, the passport office needs to deliver multimedia content, consisting of the token number and advertisements, from one source computer to displays installed in the waiting area and staff working area over long distances ...More Information



KN4132, KM0532, CL5800 and CC2000; Police Headquarters Data Center

GOVERNMENT6With the increasing dependency on technology to solve major crimes, information requirements for analysis and strategic decision making has grown respectively from paper and physical files to a digital format. Given the increasing need of police officers to share information across departments, more and more police districts like the T Police Headquarters are setting up larger, more complex information systems centers deployed by their own IT professionals. To house new advanced application and database servers, the T Police Headquarters' IT division planned to build a new centralized data center and needed to look for an efficient solution that enables multiple operators to manage up to 300 servers ...More Information



CS682, Government Institutions

GOVERNMENT7As the Internet has developed, so have security requirements for government institutions' computer hardware and software. Information protection and security control need to be considered in order to avoid endangering national security and personal interests, caused by the leakage of confidential information ...More Information