With the rapid development of media currently taking place, the domain of mass media which has traditionally been the most powerful tool for delivering information; offering a wide variety of entertainment formats; and spreading popular culture; is seeing its delivery channels changing as a result of innovation in IT. With the constantly growing trend toward digital content in radio, television, cinema, video games, and the Internet, it has become critical for the media industry to increase its reliance on advanced IT management solutions in order to consolidate their infrastructure, offer the best possible delivery service to their audience, and reduce their operating costs.

ATEN offers a variety of solutions to satisfy the requirements of the multifaceted media environment.






CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) Artist

The artist uses the CM0264 to switch between Windows, OSX, and Linux systems to utilize software running on each platform that is specifically designed to handle the particular task requirements. The CM0264 lets all of the systems make use of a single console set – a keyboard, a Wacom Tablet, and two 24” flat panel LCD monitors. More Information

Tailored Products: CM0264




Local Cable TV Station

A local cable TV station wanted to take advantage of its parent company's support resources in order to boost its content delivery services without having to increase its expenditure on human resources. It needed a solution that allowed a fewer number of administrators to manage a greater number of systems and give them the ability to respond to any type of server room emergency from anywhere, at any time. More Information

Tailored Products: KN4116 , PN0108 , KL1100



TV Station

With digital media becoming increasingly popular, a TV station wanted to convert its entire library of stored content of analog VTR (Video Tape Recorder) format cassette tapes to HD format. Since the transfer required a combination of specialized hardware and GUI software, and each transfer operation needed multiple computers to handle the necessary computational power, by integrating the ATEN KL3116 into the installation, they were able to manage the entire transfer operation easily and efficiently. More Information

Tailored Products: KL3116



Computer Graphics Department

The Computer Graphics Department of a TV company wanted to centralize all of its"Rendering" servers (the ones used to calculate data and generate an images based on the calculations). By deploying the ATEN KN4140v and CE250A, they were able to extend the KVM console to the operators' desk and achieve the benefits of remote multiuser access – increasing their management efficiencyMore Information

Tailored Products: KN4140v , CE250A