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As the influence of information technology has steadily increased in almost every aspect of both the home and commercial environments, IT has been increasingly adopted for use in the educational sphere, as well. Teaching efficiency and learning effectiveness have significantly improved over the last several years through the use of modern IT technology and equipment. Educators have taken advantage of sophisticated Audio/Video applications to develop innovative teaching methods and creative learning tools that gain and keep the students’at. More Information





Digital Signage

An increasing number of public places – such as shopping malls, plazas, bus terminals, hospitals, banks, cinemas, and many other locations where groups of people gather – are moving away from traditional poster advertising and information displays; turning to digital signage, instead. One advantage of digital signage is that traditional advertising is static and quickly becomes boring. More Information






SMB Server Room Solutions

ATEN SMB Server Room Solution offers various products that boost efficiency and improve the flexibility of your server room management. ATEN rack-mountable KVM switches allow you to control multiple servers from a single console – saving your cost, time, space and energy. ATEN LCD Console integrates a rack-mounted keyboard, video, mouse console in a 1U housing – it optimizes Your Server Room Real Estate. More Information