Auto Switches

ATEN offers a wide range of auto switches. The Bitronics-capable models allow you to take advantage of enhanced parallel port features, such as bi-directional communication, higher data throughput, and printer control from the keyboard.



Printer Network

ATEN Print Network Product features 1200ft. of maximum network length, 22k bytes/sec maximum data throughput and simultaneous printing. With Bus, Star or Tree topology support, it eliminates multiple auto switches and tangled cables. Simple installation and easy of use makes this network suitable for all user levels.



Industry Controls

ATEN offers a wide variety of interface converters which include serial PCI cards and parallel line extenders. RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 Bi-directional Converters allows Data transmission controlled by the RTS signal. The Serial / Parallel Converters automatically adjusts signal strength to compensate for distance.