With the broadcasting industry trend announced in recent public events, there are a few changes observed, including: cloud based technology, multi-platform content delivery, efficient operations, and 4K image delivery. 4K will be the next HD in terms of consumer adoption and broadcast infrastructure upgrades. As such, operational efficiency appears to be the primary demand of broadcasters.




ATEN has been at the forefront of the data transmission and professional audio/ video solutions. Established in 1979, ATEN has been one of the global leaders in all levels of connectivity solutions. 

ATEN Professional A/V Solutions have developed alongside our connectivity expertise and now are leveraging each other’s advanced technology and capabilities to expand further into the broadcasting industry. For IT-based technology in data centers, workstations and computer rooms, ATEN provides 

Given ATEN´s experience and expertise in this technology-intensive field, it simply makes sense to source your remote KVM and professional A/V solutions from us.



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