KL9116, Japan System Create, Japan

TECHNOLOGY1In the past, JSC simplified its server management by using a Rack KVM switch solution. The KVM switches were rack mounted to make for a neat and tidy server room environment. Since keyboards, monitors, and mice of the consoles connected to the KVM switches were also installed on the rach, however, there was a problem in that these console devices were taking up a lot of space.This was especially true for the monitors -- ,which were taking up approximately 1/4 of the entire rack space. Under these circumstances ...More Information


KH1508A, Power Cooperation

TECHNOLOGY2A national thermal power corporation has total 90 workstations in a room. Those workstations are used by 30 simultaneous users for coding and programing. They need a KVM switch to ensure the connection between Dell workstation, USB keyboard & Mouse, and monitor working smoothly in order to conserve space ...More Information



Media Distribution Solution, Oil & Gas Equipment and Service Company

TECHNOLOGY3An Oil & Gas Equipment & Service Company helps oil companies to find oil and gas reserves offshore worldwide. They required video extensions for operators to access data from their systems/computers that are situated in the control room ...More Information