In the corporate world, effectively communicating a company's culture, products, and goals is essential to its success. Sophisticated meeting room tools not only enable a company to communicate its message effectively – they are also a potent indicator of a corporation's personality. Modern A/V technology deployed in strategic locations can facilitate the dissemination of valuable information. For example, a laptop connected to a projector via a video switch can display its presentation materials to a committee seated in a local meeting room, and have the same presentation delivered to multiple screens at remote locations – enabling key personnel to participate in the discussion in real time. From informal briefing sessions to carefully planned formal presentations, it is essential that your corporation uses the best audio–visual equipment to get the message across.

ATEN offers various efficient, economical solutions for small and medium businesses to boost the effectiveness of their server room deployment as well as their management operations. These solutions deliver cost, time, space, and energy savings to maximize an SMB's IT operations.





Server room I

An SMB has purchased a CS1708A / CN8000 / CL5800 combo solution in order to monitor and access the servers, for which they are responsible, from remote locations over the internet. Locally, they are able to implement this solution while also minimizing rack space in the server room. More Information

 Tailored Products: CL5800 , CS1708A , CN8000




Server room II

An SMB requires a digital video solution for its server room, and has installed a CS1768 / CE600 / CL6700 solution. The IT staff members do not want to be tied up to the server room; they want to be free from crowded, hardware heavy server rooms and perform their tasks conveniently from the comfort of their own desks. More Information

Tailored Products: CL6700 , CS1768 , CE600





In order to present their potential clients with a wide variety of product and promotional information, a company decided to install LCD TVs and overhead projectors at various locations, such as in the lobby, reception areas and showrooms. By deploying a VanCryst™ VM0404H Video Matrix Switch and VE800 Video Extenders, they can keep the A/V source devices in the office area for easy management, while showing A/V outputs from various sources on the displays (lobby, reception area or showroom) that are appropriate to the information being presented. More Information

                                  Tailored Products: VM0404H , VE800




Meeting Room

A company conducts regular sales meetings to present market information and analysis reports, discuss problems and formulate strategies. The meetings usually involve several presenters who use the meeting room's overhead projector to display charts and graphs they have prepared on their laptops. More Information

Tailored Products: VS0801





Because of its size, company boardrooms are often used to hold large meetings and training sessions. During the meetings or training sessions, staff members make presentations or demonstrate technical procedures that are shown on multiple large–screen displays, located throughout the room. More Information

Tailored Products: VM0808H , VE800