Control System

The ATEN Control System, incorporating the ATEN Controller, the ATEN Configurator and the ATEN Control System App is a standard Ethernet-based management system that connects all hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control of devices directly and effortlessly via an iPad.


Modular Matrix Switches

ATEN Modular Matrix Switches offer advanced access and real-time control of multiple A/V input devices and displays through modular I/O boards in a single chassis.



ATEN HDMI Wireless Solutions provide the capability to send uncompressed Full HD content to multiple displays from various source devices using wireless technology.


Video Matrix Switches

ATEN Video Matrix Switches route and amplify A/V signals from multiple sources to multiple destinations, allowing you to extend your installation up to 300m while maintaining excellent video quality.



Video Switches

ATEN Video Switches allow you to conveniently display the video output of 1 to 16 computer system or high-resolution video sources on a single monitor. All models offer east source selection via front panel pushbuttons.



Video Splitters

ATEN Video Splitters not only duplicate a single video source to multiple outputs, but also boost the signal so it can be sent over longer distances without degradation. Multiple splitters can be cascaded to three levels.



Video Extender 

ATEN Video Extenders use Cat 5e cables to allow you to extend the distance between source device and displays in your video installations by up to 300m, making them ideal for applications where remote video displays are required.




ATEN Video Converters allow you to connect a video source device to the display devices which are equipped with different video interface. The easy-to-use features make this series a winning solution.