HDMI MDS & VC880, Chain Store

RETAIL1A chain store installed several large-sized HDMI TVs for displaying commercials in several shops varying in scale. The chain store utilized ATEN professional audio/video extension solutions to deliver HDMI TV advertisements to multiple TVs; the audio signals of the TV advertisements were extracted and sent to an audio broadcasting system at the arcade ...More Information



Media Matrix Solution, Jewelry Store

RETAIL2A jewelry store covering four floors wants to display their new product information and special offers on large screen monitors. By using ATEN's Media Matrix Solution, various promotional content can be efficiently delivered to 6 monitors located around the jewelry store over long distance. As the solution can be accessed remotely and locally, the latest campaigns can be easily and flexibly updated to the monitors ...More Information



CS74U Convenience Store

RETAIL3A convenience store chain wants to manage and run their stores more efficiently. Their aim is to control cash register transactions, protect store inventory from being pilfered by shoplifters and develop an effective training scheme for new staff. Due to cash and product losses, the management wants to implement a POS in combination with a DVR to monitor cashiers and customers in the store premises. There is also a high turnover for cashiers, and the store wants to train newly hired staff by letting them watch DVD recordings when there aren’t many customers around ...More Information



VS1504 & VB552, Superstore

RETAIL4A superstore wants to provide digital signage systems with built in kiosk billing functions and advertising capabilities. They need a solution that supports dual video outputs from the PC. In addition to displaying the billing processes on the touchscreen, advertisements can also be distributed to each digital signage kiosk through a video splitter ...More Information