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Faced with an increasing dependence on IT technology to enhance their operational efficiency or to offer quick and convenient public services, government agencies and public transportation companies have set up huge data centers and server rooms to efficiently manage the huge amount of IT equipment they use Since the centers process extremely critical data, these institutions require a management solution that provides fast. More Information






In the corporate world, effectively communicating a company's culture, products, and goals is essential to its success. Sophisticated meeting room tools not only enable a company to communicate its message effectively – they are also a potent indicator of a corporation's personality. Modern A/V technology deployed in strategic locations can facilitate the dissemination of valuable information. More Information






With the rapid development of media currently taking place, the domain of mass media which has traditionally been the most powerful tool for delivering information; offering a wide variety of entertainment formats; and spreading popular culture; is seeing its delivery channels changing as a result of innovation in IT. With the constantly growing trend toward digital content in radio, television, cinema, video games, and the Internet, it has become critical for. More Information





As a consequence of advances in IT usage, most equipment manufacturers have adopted modern, automated production technology to keep pace with the market demand. In addition to modern, automated, production lines, sophisticated manufacturing control systems have likewise been employed. More Information







As the number of sophisticated A/V applications and the hardware to enjoy them with continues to grow, an increasing amount of home entertainment A/V equipment is making its way onto the residential market. Ever expanding numbers of audio/videophiles are turning a corner of their living rooms, or even dedicating an entire room, to creating a home–theater with large screen displays and loge–style seating. More Information






For IT-based technology in data centers, workstations and computer rooms, ATEN provides connectivity solutions to ensure local and/or remote control capability for content creation/ post-production rooms, control rooms and sound studios. Expensive computer equipment can be moved into an access-secured air-conditioned server room and work at its best via ATEN connectivity solutions. More Information