VM0404H, HyperNet Co., Ltd., Taiwan

CORPORATE1HyperNet CO., LTD. is a broad-band application and conference center systems integration planning company. Since being established in 1994, HyperNet has focused on importing the newest technology products related to and specializing in conference systems setup and comprehensive multimedia integration. HyperNet has five service locations in Taiwan and China, providing customers with professional conference integration services ...More Information



VM0808H & VE800, Automotive Component Manufacturer

CORPORATE2An automotive component manufacturer wants to design a new meeting room with multiple HDMI sources and displays. To efficiently manage these devices, the company need professional HDMI solutions to transmit multiple HDMI sources to multiple HDMI displays and support remote management of multiple sources and displays ...More Information



Media Matrix Solution, VE022, CS74E, Lion Travel, Taiwan

CORPORATE3To create a stimulating office environment, Lion Travel installed a total of six TVs in public corridors on the fifth floor, and three TVs in the open conference area of the same floor – these TVs are used to broadcast scenic landscapes and tourism videos. Since the multimedia source devices are located in the server room on the sixth floor, the company needed a solution that can transmit various multimedia signals over long distances to a ...More Information



VM0404H, VE800, Lion Travel, Taiwan

CORPORATE4Lion Travel agency built the Lion Travel Group building in 2010 in response to the rapid growth of sales personnel and employees. Located at the first floor of the building is an open space coffee bar, which is used by employees to relax and receive guests; the coffee bar is also rented out occasionally for various activities. To meet the needs of these external activities, Lion Travel installed a modernized professional audio and video system, eliminating the trouble of renting or borrowing stereo equipment ...More Information