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Secure KVM Solution

The ATEN Secure KVM Solution offers safe and reliable computer and peripheral access for government / military desktop environment where security is imperative, providing safe switching between computers operating on more than one secure network. More Information





KVMP with 3D Solutions

3D is already in big demand in the TV marketplace and the simple fact that everything is brought to life in such a dramatic way only adds to the excitement. 3D technology has been incorporated into many different fields. Not only is 3D beneficial for entertainment purposes, but for teaching and instruction techniques, and a wide variety of monitoring applications. Without 3D, we would not have experienced advanced graphics, seeing a physical object in a solid form within video games and animated films. More Information




Visual Pro KVMP Solutions

ATEN’s Visual Pro KVMP™ solutions deliver ideal multi-computer control for cutting-edge multimedia capabilities and computer environments requiring true high definition capabilities. Designed with professional users, power users and high-end gamers in mind, models feature HDMI, Dual Link DVI, and dual view technology. With a built-in in USB hub for peripheral sharing, these advanced KVMP™ switches from ATEN are ideal for integrated desktop multimedia applications where high and ultra-high video resolutions are demanded. More Information




HDMI Solutions

Whether at home or in the working environment, you can stay connected with the ATEN range of HDMI products. From HDMI switches, HDMI splitters, HDMI Matrix switches and HDMI extenders to HDMI KVM switches, the ATEN range of HDMI products provides you with a multitude of flexible, integrated solutions for all HDMI applications. More Information





Media Distribution Solutions

ATEN complete Media Distribution Solutions (MDS) are a cost-effective and efficient way to send high quality multimedia content over Cat 5e cable to multiple displays from a single input source. Flexible and scalable, these solutions give you the freedom and means to set up any kind of high quality video display installation from customized retail media networks to public information systems. More Information





solutions index digtal extensionDigital KVM Extension Solution

ATEN Digital KVM Extension Solution allows unlimited access and complete control of your computing resources over the intranet. The CE790 Digital KVM Extender is an IP based KVM Extender system with RS-232 serial functionality that allows access to a computer system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, monitor, and USB mouse) located anywhere on your existing network infrastructure. More Information






Matrix KVM Solutions

ATEN Matrix KVM Switches are designed for modern data centers that require reliable, high security access and control of multiple servers. With non–blocked access and flexible expansion support, Matrix KVM switches offer high quality video sessions for secure, real-time control of your entire data center devices. More Information