VS184, VS0108H, KWANG IN Co., Ltd., Korea

TRANSPORTATION1The Sin Bundang Line is an important route on the Korean capitals metro system, carrying a high volume of passengers daily. Since the metro stations cover a wide area, the content to be broadcast in each location is different; thus in order to lower the maintenance and troubleshooting frequency, the HDMI splitters needed to be high stability, high quality and high security products ...More Information



KN2132 & CC2000, Rapid Transit Corporation

TRANSPORTATION2To shorten the traveling time and expand the living territory of urban residents, K Rapid Transit Corporation was commissioned by the City Government to build and operate a new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system that offers a reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation service for residents. For the MRT system’s construction, a data center was built at the main station for centralized management of servers performing complex administrative tasks for the whole system; while 37 server rooms were set up at each MRT station to consolidate servers performing necessary tasks ...More Information



MDS, Transport terminal

TRANSPORTATION3Terminal 1 of an Airport plans to display real time information for passengers in the Customs area, which is 100 meters away from the server room They need a solution that can work over this distance and simultaneously display pertinent information into multiple screens ...More Information