Media Distribution Solution - VS1508, VE200R Medica Staff Promotion Co., Ltd. (MSP), Japan

HEALTHCARE1Medica Staff Promotion Co., Ltd. (MSP) is a company in Niigata, Japan which provides a wide range of services to support medical facility management. MSP is carrying a program distribution system called "Medicom", which is created to broadcast medical health informational programs for patients to watch while in hospital waiting rooms. By replacing the existing A/V devices installed in the system with ATEN's VS1508 and VE200R, MSP successfully developed a time, space and cost saving system while attaining higher quality and service reliability ...More Information



VE800, Hospital

HEALTHCARE2A big government hospital in Indonesia deploys ATEN´s HDMI extenders to deliver surgical videos. To facilitate real-time surgical trainings, they use a handy camera to shoot the surgical procedures. They need to transmit these videos over a long distance to an LCD TV installed in another operating room ...More Information



CE790, Health Facility

HEALTHCARE3A doctor regularly visits and checks on his patients who are confined in separate hospital rooms. He stores patient records on a computer located in his office. He wants to be able to access and update the data while doing his rounds, so he can help him keep track of each patient’s health and status in real-time ...More Information