Faced with an increasing dependence on IT technology to enhance their operational efficiency or to offer quick and convenient public services, government agencies and public transportation companies have set up huge data centers and server rooms to efficiently manage the huge amount of IT equipment they use. Since the centers process extremely critical data, these institutions require a management solution that provides fast, secure, reliable data transmission – one that offers centralized access and control of the servers, yet is flexible, efficient, and convenient to use for the system administrators.

ATEN offers several integrated solutions that maximize administrative efficiency while ensuring secure data transmissions.




Police Headquarters

Given the increased need of Police Headquarters to share information among its several departments, a new, centralized data center designed by its own IT staff, was built. In order to permit data center operators working locally on site, as well as personnel working remotely from outside the center to be able to easily manage the entire installation, they deployed a combination of the following equipment: KN4132, KM0532, KL1100 and CC2000. This combination provided direct effortless access and management of all their IT equipment to all of their operators via a single portal. More Information

                                  Tailored product: KM0532 , KL1100 , KN4132 , CC2000


Rapid Transit Corporation

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Corporation need to build a data center at main station for centralized management servers performing complex administrative tasks for the whole system, and set up a server room at each MRT stations to consolidate servers performing necessary tasks. To enable IT support engineers located at the main station to control of servers which are widely distributed at different station. With KN2132, KL1100 and CC2000, ATEN offers a stable and efficient management solution. More Information

                                   Tailored product: KL1100 , KN2132 , CC2000