PS/2 KVM Extenders

The PS/2 KVM Extenders allow your console to be located up to 300 meters away from your computer or installation. They free you from hardware-heavy rooms or your installation from harsh environments, yet give you a level of control as if you were right there in front of your installation. Ideal for data centers, libraries.


USB KVM Extenders

The USB KVM Extenders flexibly extend the distance between your console and the KVM switch, enabling you to perform jobs from your desk — no longer be tied to the server room all day. With Dual Console, audio and RS-232 serial connectivity support, the KVM Extenders provide console extension capability.


VGA KVM Extenders

ATEN Digital KVM Extenders allow Unlimited Access and Complete Control of Your Computing Resources Over the Intranet. They are IP based KVM Extender systems with RS-232 serial functionality that allow access to a computer system from a remote console located anywhere on your existing network infrastructure.



DVI-D KVM Extenders



DVI-I KVM Extenders