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VE200 / VB552 / VE510


ATEN offers a wide range of video products to provide longer distance extension coupled with high-quality video transmission. The Video Extension Solution not only extends the distance between A/V source devices and display devices, but also duplicates the audio/video signal from a single source to multiple displays. The VE200 can be used in conjunction with the VB552 to extend a single A/V source to multiple displays which are widely distributed in various locations. In addition, to enhance the video quality in a long distance installation, the VE510 Video Synchronizer can also be integrated to compensate for signal delay.

Tailored Products: VE200 , VB552 , VE510



Example Installation



















Longer distance Extension

Allows you to set up your displays up to 450m from the source device.



Double Multiplication

The VanCryst™ Video Extension Solution supports video splitter functionality as well as video extension. The VE200 and VB552 both provide two video outputs for signal sharing.


RS-232 Channel Support

Allows touchscreens to be included in the installation, which is especially suitable for interactive service applications.



Simplified Cabling

Cat 5e cabling eliminates bulky traditional cables, and makes for a neat, efficient, uncluttered work environment.



Flexible Configuration

Allows complete flexibility in installation set up, supporting various extension distances and a wide number of displays.



Audio Enabled

Extends the audio signal over long distances and duplicates the signal to multiple outputs.



Superior Video Quality

Supports two gain control modes for sharpest picture quality. In addition, combining the VE510 in an installation, the Video Extension Solution ensures high video quality over large distances.




 The Video Extension Solution is ideal for any environments which need to extend the A/V signals and duplicate the signal to  multiple displays as well.


 Shopping Malls 

 Department Storey


 Bus/ Train Video System