VM1600, CL6700MW, CS1768, CE610, Security Monitoring in Casino

ENTERTAINMENT1A world renowned casino in Asia has surveillance cameras located at various locations in the casino for security monitoring. The feed from these surveillance cameras needs to be monitored locally in the server room as well as on a 4 x 4 Video Wall in the control room ...More Information



ATEN Seamless Switch™ (VM5808H + VE800) - A Movie Theater in Japan

ENTERTAINMENT2A theater in Japan was equipped with 8 video source devices, each of which was connected to one monitor along with speakers at entrances and corridors via ATEN HDMI extenders – to broadcast program-related information ...More Information



Media Matrix Solution (VM0808T+VE300T+VE300R), A Kids Sports Center in Thailand

ENTERTAINMENT3A major recreational sports center for children in Thailand provides a large playground to accommodate training areas, exercise floor and game rooms, as well as offer child development courses. In order to broadcast advertising content to LCD screens located in various points inside the facility, as well as monitor kids on their activities while delivering course video to various displays in real time, a central system with capability to switch A/V sources independently is vital to the control room staff ...More Information



Media Matrix Solution, Myst Club, Taiwan

ENTERTAINMENT4Multiple displays are installed in Myst´s seating area around the main stage and adjacent lounge bar for screening club promotional messages, commercial advertisements and music videos, which enhance the club’s audiovisual effects and interior decoration. To simplify equipment operation, Myst also deployed an environmental control system to centrally control the switching and playing of all source devices. What Myst required is a solution that would deliver the A/V signals from the server room to the displays in the main stage seating area and lounge bar ...More Information